FSA Geometry Challenge II

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The FSA Geometry Challenge II

FSA Math Olympiad Team students organized & hosted The FSA Geometry Challenge II on Sunday, June 11th NOT only to inspire young minds & spread the love of math but also to help our sister school in Haiti. It was a good turnout & approximately 500 dollars were raised in total at the FSA Geometry Challenge Competitions so far. Our goal is to raise 2700 & send a smart-board with projector to our sister school in Haiti.

We are so proud of our Math Olympiad Team students! As part of their steam project in Spring 2017, they wrote the questions for both geometry competitions, planned the events, hosted the tournaments, graded the written tests & ciphering round problems. They were excited to find out some of the participating students didn’t have a ciphering round experience at a math competition before!

The FSA Geometry Challenge competitions consist of challenging geometry problems. It is an individual tournament with two rounds: ciphering and individual written test.

Individual Written Test: 20 Questions, 50 Minutes, (5 Points per problem)

Ciphering: 10 Questions. 1 min or 3 Minutes per problem. (10 points or 5 points per problem respectively. Questions are collected by runners after each problem. If students answer correctly within 1 min, they receive 10 points & if students answer correctly within 3 minutes, they receive 5 points.)

Top 5 performers were awarded trophies for their high performance. Winners are as follows:

1st place Justin Z. with a score of 190/200

2nd place Richard Y. with a score of 180/200

3rd place Michael D. F. with a score of 175/200

4th place Arnav A. with a score of 165/200

5th place Josh C. with a score of 160/200

FSA Math Olympiad team students will continue to host Geometry Challenge Competitions in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Please stay tuned.. Our competitions are announced on GCTM’s website under competitions tab.

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